An Affiliate of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) Recipient of Noble Peace Prize, 1985


The Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD) organised a seminar on “Health Through Peace” at the DRPGMC, Tanda, Kangra Himachal Pradesh on 9th August 2014. The seminar was organised on the occasion of the anniversary of the nuclear bombing in Nagasaki in 1945, killing over 70,000 people.

Dr S S Soodan, vice-president, IDPD in his inaugural address said the organisation had branches in 22 states. “The seminar has been organised for the first time in Himachal and is going to be the 23rd state to join the movement,” he added. He said the IDPD had also organised a week-long medical student’s exchange programme from June 7. Eleven students participated in the programme and visited medical colleges in Delhi, Faridkot, Amritsar, Jammu and Kashmir and Srinagar.

“The world spends nearly Rs 24,000 crore every day on arms race, while about 15,000 children die of hunger each day,” said IDPD general secretary Dr Arun Mitra while addressing the seminar. He said the IDPD, an affiliate of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (recipient of Nobel Peace Prize 1985), had been campaigning since 1984 for the promotion of health care.He said there was an urgent to divert the expenditure incurred on arms to health and education. “The IDPD works in coordination with its counterparts in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka,” he added.

Dr Apramjyot gave a power point presentation on HEALTH THROUGH PEACE. She highlighted the role of students and doctors in building public opinion for this.

Dr Anil Chauhan, Principal, DRPGMC, welcomed the guests and said as per the available statistics, around $300 million was being spent each day by the nuclear-armed nations.

Dr Munish, Mr Jobin and Mr Jasmeet helped in organsing the event. Students had a separate meeting with Apramjyot and Jasmeet.

Dr Arun Mitra
General Secretary