An Affiliate of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) Recipient of Noble Peace Prize, 1985

IDPD Annual Central Council Meeting 1st February 2015 Agra (UP)

Proceedings of the meeting
The meeting was held at Guest House of S N Medical College, Agra 1st February 2015 under the chairmanship of Dr S S Soodan – Senior Vice President IDPD.
Meeting started by paying homage to Mrs.Perin Chandra, the founder member of IDPD. By observing two minute silence in her memory. A brief introduction about late Ms.Perin Chandra and her contribution to IDPD was given by Dr. Arun Mitra and Com. Mrs. Amarjeet Kaur.

Report of the past activities
Dr Arun Mitra gave a detailed account of the past activities undertaken since February 2014. The report presented by him was unanimously passed in the meeting. Activities done in the past year are available on the website

Health Policy and Drug pricing policy:
Dr Arun Mitra told that the government has cut the health budget by 20% which will adversely effect the health care delivery system in our country. Dr J N Tandon expressed concern at the deteriorating health services to the common people for whom the healthcare has become unaffordable. Dr.Shakeel gave a critical analysis of the health policy 2015. The meeting decided that Dr.Shakeel should prepare a note by 10th February on this which should be circulated to the members who should send their inputs by 20th February 2015 and the final version should be submitted to the government before 28th February.
Dr Arun Mitra informed that the total methodology of settling the prices of the drugs is faulty that is why one drug formulation is sold by the different pharma companies at very different prices. He also informed that the MRP of the medicines being sold under generic category is very high in comparison to the purchase price by the retailers. Thus the benefit is not passed on to the patients. Dr Shakeel should also prepare a note on the drug pricing policy including the MRP of the generic drugs.

Future planning:
1. Seminars on “Peace and Harmony – Key to Health and Development”
There is lot of resentment among the public as the healthcare has become unaffordable to the vast majority. The cut in the health budget has shaken the medical fraternity as well. The decision of the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) of the central government to take away its authority to fix price of the non essential drugs has given huge profit to the pharma companies. Moreover people have become conscious of the negative effects of the huge spending on the arms race. There is growing realization that this money should be diverted towards health and education. The study of Dr Ira Helfand – Co-President IPPNW that over two billion people were at risk in the event of even a limited nuclear war has further aggravated concerns of the people. It was therefore decided to hold seminars, discussion, conventions on “Peace and Harmony – Key to Health and Development” in the different states. It was also decided to reactivise the units which have become dormant. Dr Sudhir Dhakre said that he will specifically take interest for activising the IDPD in UP in consultation with Dr P.S.Pandey of Varanasi. At the suggestion of Gen. Saighal it was decided to take up the issue of effect of GM crops on health.

2. ICAN and AFP
Activities under International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) and Aiming for Prevention (AFP) – the campaign for check on proliferation of small arms have to be given priority. In this connection we should linkup our activities with the health policy matters. Activities planned include:
a. Interactive session with Alyn Ware (the director of the Basel Peace Office, long time peace activist, global coordinator of PNND, the Parliamentarians for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament and recipient of the Right Livelyhood Award) on 8th March 2015 at Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi.
b. Coordination with other likeminded organizations.
c. Observance of related events like the Hiroshima Nagasaki Days on 6th and 9th August, Anti Fascism Day on 9th May, World Earth Day on 22nd April, World Envrionment Day on 5th June, Peace week in November etc.
d. Dialogue with decision makers.
e. Student and Young doctors Activities and Exchange Programme – Dr Jeetendra Singh to plan these activities in South and North East India. The students would prepare an outline about updating the website, develop better communication methods through Facebook, Whatsapp and email. Ms.Kinnri from Nasik to organize the team and the outlay. Other members of this team include Chandan, Kinnari, Jasmeet, Veronica, Fatima, Lipsy, Ritual, Dr.Priyanka Loach and Abinav.

3. Finances
Dr Arun Mitra presented account of the last year which was unanimously passed. He appealed to the members to contribute Rs.2000/- annually so as to meet the running expenditure.

4. National conference 2016 – Proposals
It was decided to hold next national conference at Patna in February 2016.

5. South Asian Regional Meet
It is proposed to be held at Dhaka depending on the situation in Bangladesh.

6. Resolutions
• Against the cut in the health budget
• For taking initiative for dialogue with neighbors particularly Pakistan

7. Appreciation Awards
Appreciation awards presented to various student groups for their contribution. The local IMA president was also presented.

Dr Soodan thanked all the participants particularly Dr Sudhir Dhakre for organising the meeting. He also thanked the Principal of the college and medical students and junior doctors organizing this meeting.

Seminar on “Peace and Harmony – Key to Health and Development”
The seminar was held in the hall of Ravi Hospital Agra. Dr J N Tandon, Dr Amod Shankar, Dr S S Soodan, Dr Arun Mitra, Mrs.Amarjeet Kaur and Gen. Retd. Vinod Saighal were on the stage. Dr Dhakre introduced the subject. Mrs.Amarjeet Kaur in her key note address cautioned that the present government is not only brining down the budget on health and education but also spreading myths and communalizing the education system. They are also not making efforts to hold dialogue with Pakistan. Those engaged in the arms business are making huge profits by selling arms to India and Pakistan. We have to collectively reverse this trend. Gen. Saighal pointed out the climatic changes which are affecting our planet.

Dr.J.N.Tandon said that medical professionals are duty bound to work for peace and harmony. Dr Arun Mitra said that IDPD would strive to struggle for communal harmony and peace and for a pro people health policy. Dr S S Soodan gave the appreciation awards.

On 2nd February a student seminar was organized in the S N Medical College. Students from Nasik gave a presentation on the activities of IDPD. Students from Adesh Medical College Bathinda gave a presentation on the drug abuse. Dr N S Bawa – Vice President IDPD organized a quiz among the students and gave the prizes.

In the evening the students from Nasik staged a street play “Asha ki Kiran” on female foeticide at the Shaheed Smarak Agra. Junior doctors and students from Agra who actively participated in organizing all these events were awarded.

Dr Arun Mitra
General Secretary
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