An Affiliate of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) Recipient of Noble Peace Prize, 1985


The Rajasthan unit of Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD) has decided to form peace committees in the villages starting from village Makkarsar near Hanumangarh. As a part of this initiative the village was declared as Shanti Gram (Peace Village). A display board in this regard was installed at the outskirt of the village. Dr Arun Mitra National General Secretary IDPD inaugurated this along with Dr Rajeev Munjal President Rajasthan Unit IDPD, Dr Dharmendra Kumar Verma General Secretary, Dr Rishi, Dr Teerath and Dr Rameshwar Singh. Prominent persons from the nearby villages attended the curtain raising of this board and assured of forming peace committees in the respective villages which will meet and act separately and unitedly to promote peace and harmony. Addressing on the occasion Dr Munjal said that this initiative has been taken as this is a border area and people have to bear the brunt of tension between India and Pakistan. Later in the evening a citizens seminar was held on the theme HEALTH THROUGH PEACE AND HARMONY. Addressing the gathering Dr Arun Mitra highlighted the importance of peace and disarmament in the world and in South Asia in particular with special reference to Indo-Pak relations. The arms race is costing huge amount to our poor countries he said. This is affecting our health needs. He was critical of that the government has thrown open the health care of the people to the private corporate sector. As a result of this people are suffering due to out of pocket expenditure on health. He demanded the government to provide comprehensive health care to the people of our country.
Dr Rajeev Munjal, Dr Dharmendra, Dr Gopal Krishan Handa and Dr S S Gett also addressed the meeting. It was unanimously decided to form an executive committee with Dr Gopal Krishan Handa as Patron, Dr Rajeev Munjal as President, Dr Dharmendra Kumar Verma as the General Secretary, Dr.D.C Swami, Dr R Bhambu, Dr Pawan Sharma as members of the working committee of Rajasthan Unit of IDPD. Several prominent doctors including Dr Rameshwar Singh who have contributed to the cause of uplift of health care in the area were honored.
The seminar was chaired by a presidium of Dr.S.S.Gett, Dr.Paras Jain Dr.Khosa, Dr.P.P.Mohinder, Dr.Brijlal, Dr.Handa, Shri B.R.Chandk, Adv.O.P.Hissaria.

Dr Arun Mitra
General Secretary