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Seminar on National Medical Commission

Chennai 27 November 2016
Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD) in association with Doctors’ Association for Social Equality (DASE) organised a conference on 27th November 2016 at Rajah Annamalai Mandram, Chennai to debate the proposed National Medical Commission, to oppose privatization of medical education and health care and to make health as fundamental right. Dr Shakeel, General Secretary , IDPD argued that the National Medical Commission bill has been drafted with the interests of profiteering private investors in medical colleges being kept uppermost, while the interests of patients and ordinary citizens on one hand, and those of ethically practicing doctors on the other hand, have been brushed aside. Instead of recommending relevant structural changes to roll back the evil influence of commercialisation on medical education and ensuring an accountable and effective public regulation, NITI Aayog proposes a different trajectory by championing the path of accelerated privatisation and commercialisation of medical education. He informed that Association of Doctors for Ethical Healthcare, a national alliance of like-minded organisations including IDPD, JSA and MFC, has made a representation to NitiAyog in this regard. Dr G.R. Ravindranath, General Secretay, DASE and Vice president IDPD highlighted the issues of states’ rights in medical education. He urged the centre not to introduce EXIT test for medical graduates. He pleaded for free and quality medical care to all and to make health as fundamental right. He stressed that we should fight against privatization of medical education and health care. Hundreds of doctors, medical students end enlightened citizens attended the conference. Political leaders across the political spectrum of Tamil Nadu including CPI, CPIM, Congress, AIDMK etc also addressed the conference. DrSadanadan from Andhra Pradesh, DrSajid from Kerala, DrShanthi from Tamil Nadu also addressed the conference.

Dr Arun Mitra