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Seminar at Hyderabad on 28th February 2016

28th February 2016
The Telangana state chapter of the Indian Doctors for Peace and Development organized a seminar today on “Health Through Peace”. The seminar discussed Public Health and Health Policy and Prevention of war and violence with special reference to Nuclear War. Dr Jayrayam registrar Institute of Public Health Hyderabad addressing the seminar on the issue of public health said that it is unfortunate that we have not been able to meet the objective of health for all till date despite our being signatories to the Alma Ata declaration. Unfortunately the successive governments have not take the health issue seriously and health has not become a political agenda in our country despite it being such an important issue. It was dismaying that the government cut down the health budget by 20%. We have to build public opinion for changes in the health policies so that there is inclusive growth of health that means various factors which affect the health like nutrition, clean drinking water supply, sanitation, housing, proper remuneration and job security are addressed to and taken care of to meet the objective of health for all. We must do our best to meet the sustainable development goals.

Dr Arun Mitra General Secretary IDPD said that it is unfortunate that even though south Asia is one of the most deprived regions in the world we spend spend huge amount on arms. India and Pakistan are the biggest importer of arms in the world while we rank very low in the human development index. It is a dangerous situation now as both the countries are nuclear weapons states. Even if the states do not decide to use the nuclear weapons the non state actors may use them or there may be an accident launch. This could be catastrophic. The world today has over 17000 nuclear weapons which are sufficient to annihilate the flora and fauna on earth several times over. The only answer is complete abolition. Even the use of nuclear energy for power generation can have serious consequences as we have seen serious accidents in Chernobyl and Fukushima. Dr V S Reddy retired professor form Osmania Medical college sad that we have to cut down the expenditure and divert it to health. For this it is essential to continue to have mutual dialogue among south Asian nations. Com Aziz Pasha, former MP said that health should become a political agenda and various political parties have to be sensitized on the issue. Dr K Rajani conducted the seminar and informed that doctors and medical students from Telangana state will participate in the IDPD national conference to be held at Patna next week. Others who addressed the seminar include Dr Ranga Reddy, Dr Bharat and Dr Sham sunder

The seminar passed the following resolution on growing violence and apathy of the state
This gathering of the IDPD Telangana chapter expresses serious concern at the growing violence in the country and apathy of the state. Recent incidents in JNU where Kanhaiya Kumar, the President of the JNUSU has been charged with sedition speak of how a group of people who do not honour any other opinion and are out to suppress the voice of dissent have been able to influence the police. It is even more unfortunate that they consider only themselves as nationalists wile term all others as anti nationals. Such events are anti democracy. Violence of any kind affects health and has to be condemned. Similarly the events at Haryana are shocking. News coming out about molestation of women is horrendous and needs to be condemned. Unfortunate death of Rohith Vemulla and the statement by the HRD minister in parliament are sad reflection of the state of affairs. This meeting strongly feels that violence and discrimination of any kind particularly against the socially, culturally and economically marginalized sections is not acceptable.

Dr Rajni