An Affiliate of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) Recipient of Noble Peace Prize, 1985


The IDPD (Indian Doctors for Peace and Development), have initiated the national campaign on the “Challenges of Public Health and Opportunities Ahead” by conducting awareness seminars at Acharya Shri Chander College of Medical Sciences and at Govt. Medical College Jammu on 28-05-2016. The IDPD is an affiliate of IPPNW (International physician for prevention of nuclear war) winner of Nobel Peace Prize in 1985. In this connection two seminars and students interactive session were held.

At the Acharya Shri Chand College of Medical Sciences, Jammu Dr S S Soodan, President IDPD introduced the subject and highlighted the role of the organisation in promoting peace, health and development. Dr Arun Mitra – Sr. Vice President IDPD said that the wasteful expenditure on arms race by the countries of South Asia is a big impediment. We are working together with our counterparts in other countries of the region for developing confidence among our nations by increasing hassle free people to people exchange programmes. The IPPNW, he said is actively working in the ICAN with a goal to achieve nuclear weapon free world. As a result of the efforts of the IPPNW there is now a biggest ever consolidated voice against the nuclear weapons. The IPPNW has also brought forward the study as to how over two billion people could be at risk because of nuclear fallout.

Dr Shakeel Ur Rahman – General Secretary IDPD in his speech said that the health indicators of our country are very low and we have to develop a national health policy which should meet the requirements of the common people of our country. We are, he said, continuously advocating changes in the total outlook towards health as social service and not a business.
Dr Neera made special efforts to organise the event.

Medical students from Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences, Bathinda led by the team leader Onam Gupta, who travelled all the way about 500km interacted with the medical students, doctors and concerned citizens and gave power point presentation on the health effects of nuclear weapons and gun violence.
Dr R P Kudyar - principal of the college said that it is a great achievement that Dr Soodan has become the new president of IDPD, the versatile body struggling for peace.
The guest participants appreciated the logistics and help received from ASCOMS & Hospital during their community outreach services for relief and rehabilitation of the victims of natural calamities, the earthquake, floods and rains which had devastated this region in the past. The IDPD teams of doctors from all over the country had reached upto the remote areas of J&K state with medical and other relief material which was highly commended by the people of Kashmir and Jammu regions of the state.
In a similar function at the Government Medical College, Jammu Dr Soodan gave an overall view of the activities of the IDPD. Dr Mehvish Khan gave a presentation on the activities of the IDPD Jammu unit. Dr Shakeel Ur Rahman and Dr Arun Mitra said that to achieve the health for all it is imperative that the nuclear weapons are abolished and the gun violence is checked.
Dr Zahid Jeelani, Principal GMC highlighted the role of doctors to create an environment of peace which is needed for improvement of public health indices and development in J&K state.
Dr Vishal organised and interactive session among the students.

On 1st June a meeting of members of J&K Chapter of IDPD was held in the office of Dr. Ajaz A. Rather, General Secretary J&K Chapter of IDPD. The meeting was presided over by Dr. Shakeel-ur-Rehman, General Secretary IDPD and attended by Dr. Ajaz A. Rather, Dr. G.M. Malik (Founder member & Vice President of J&K Chapter of IDPD), Prof. Lateef, Dr. Basharat Ahad, Dr. Mohd Shakeel & Dr. Altaf A. Malik (Members of J&K Chapter of IDPD). Besides, the meeting was attended by student members of SKIMS Medical College-Ms. Hanna Hamdani & Mr. Ayan Nazir.
Dr. Ajaz A. Rather and urged for a sustained and consistent support from IDPD for carrying out various activities in the Kashmir Valley valley especially SKIMS Medical College.
Dr G M Malik highlighted the role of IDPD in extending helping hand to the needy in the state of J & K during floods and earth quake in the year 2014 and 2005 respectively.

Student members urged upon the General Secretary that regular activities are required to make people aware of the organisation and its activities. Student members proposed that a state level conference be held in SKIMS Medical College in September/October to begin with. All the members present in the meeting backed up the wishes expressed by students.

Dr. Shakeel-ur-Rehman, briefly enlightened the role and aims of IDPD. He mentioned that the IPNW has privilege of receiving Nobel prize for peace in 1985. He ascertained that IDPD helps people in natural as well as man-made disasters with special mention to floods that hit valley in September 2014 and earthquake of 2004. He also informed the members about the ICAN the international campaign launched by IDPD for nuclear disarmament. He showed his enthusiasm while stating that the national president of IDPD Dr. S.S. Sudan belongs to J&K State.

In response to the wishes expressed by student members, Dr. Shakeel-ur-Rehman proposed 8th of October 2016 as date for a national level conference to be held in SKIMS Medical College campus. This was agreed upon by all members unanimously. Dr. Shakeel-ur-Rehman also told the students to make themselves available for a 2 day workshop in Delhi to be held in the month of February 2017.

Dr Arun Mitra
Sr Vice President