29 Apr,2023

Report of 23rd World Congress of IPPNW

Report of

23rd World Congress of IPPNW


Calls for timely action to prevent Twin Existential Threat of Climate Change and Nuclear War



It was enriching experience for the Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD) delegation that participated in the 23rd World Congress of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) held at Mombasa, Kenya from 27th April to 29th April 2023. The IDPD delegation comprised of 15 members Doctors Arun Mitra, Kshetrimayum Memcha Devi, Ningthoujam Shadhana, Ningthoujam Telhei, Heikrujam Harz, Kshetrimayum Sushma Devi, Kshetrimayum Manglem Singh, Naoremcha Munal Meitei, Naorem Rajeshwori Devi, Mohammed Rakibuddin, Yanglem Mohen Singh, Tejinder Singh, Hemant Rathore, Ulfat Pardesi, Alhas. 


The congress dwelt at length on the threat to the existence of mankind which has never been so acute as today. We are faced with twin existential crisis due to climate change and nuclear war.  The congress held different plenary sessions on Linking themes of Disarmament, Climate and Health; Nuclear Weapons and Health; Conflict, Climate Change and Health; Youth Forum on Climate Chaos; Nuclear War, Economic/Social Justice and Health; Energy choices: Fossil fuels, nuclear power/ uranium mining and health.


Several workshops were held to discuss in details the subject matter related to the plenary sessions. The South Asian delegation organised a workshop on Nuclear weapons, small arms, development and health in South Asia. This session was chaired by Dr Kamrul H Khan – Deputy Speaker of the International Council and Moderated by Dr Bimal Khdka – Co Chair of the IPPNW Board. Dr Arun Mitra gave a presentation on the subject which was followed by thorough discussion and question answers. Dr Arun Mitra also chaired the plenary session on Energy choices: Fossil fuels, nuclear power/ uranium mining and health. Various members of IDPD delegation participated in the discussion in various sessions. Dr Arun Mitra was elected to the Board of IPPNW. Dr Rakibudin was made a member of the committee on “Medical Peace Work and Better Communication within South Asia Region”. Dr Hemant Rathore participated in the bike tour from Nairobi to Mombasa.


IDPD delegation was given special award for largest and organised delegation.


The congress passed a declaration expressing concern at the twin existential threat and demanded steps for abolition of nuclear weapons and check on the deteriorating climate crises.