10 Aug,2023

Nagasaki Day at Nasik

Hiroshima-Nagasaki day Remembrance at Dr.VPMCHRC.

10th August 2023

On 10th of August 2023, remembering the devastation and destruction caused by Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing, homage was paid by the student activity wing IDPD under Prof. Dr. Major Singh, Vice President of IDPD.

Having an attendance of first years, second year and third year M.B.B.S students, along with second year of physiotherapy, the audience also had in its amidst the HOD of Microbiology and lecturers of physiotherapy. This served as sensitisation session for the in training medical graduates for their social responsibility towards the global good.

Starting the session, Sanjivani Sankhla talked about the receding tides of future hope due to war and the investment in maintaining our war arsenal and leaving the basic human rights and resources in trenches. Also, highlighting the importance of IPPNW and its affiliate the IDPD in igniting the young generation of doctors and the upcoming policy makers into an affirmative response towards a positive change. A brief glimpse into the recent activities was presented to invite the students to further the movement.

Taking the stage, Sana Pathan, a first year student voiced her condolences in the human made disaster and prefaced the students about how it played on the ground. She showed a video which translated the unthinkable into images for the entire session to see.

As an innovative and engaging session to follow, two first year students Omkar and Rishabh presented a mini quiz engaging the students in reason and curiosity.

Continuing the session, three first year students presented an empathetic series of monologues and self-composed poetry– Ananya recited her poetry as a mother of a PTSD suffering daughter grieving the generational loss of childhood and humanity due to continuing war. Then, Shruti took the stage to make the students stand in the shoes of a young doctor helpless due to mass casualties haunting the hospital. Towards the end, Shravani recited heart wrenching verses about a widow bidding goodbye to her braveheart bound by duty. These students stressed upon the loss of relations and unending animosity and bloodshed due to wars. There are no winners in a war was the resounding message.

Towards the end, for tying the ends of the session, Dr.Prof Major Singh, spoke to the students and esteemed faculties reminding them of urgency of the situation. He urged the audience to develop a scientific temper and a even more empathetic outlook to hone themselves as the path makers of the future.

This session would be followed by a number of more engaging and sensitising activities due to the great and positive response of the students.